RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — Having an Inland Empire address could be adding fine lines and wrinkles to your face, according to a new study.

The “Wrinkle Ranking” study sponsored by RoC Skincare and Sperling’s Best Places ranked the tri-city area of Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario tops in the U.S. among cities where residents are most at risk for skin damage by their lifestyle, environment, commute time and stress levels.

“It’s hot, it’s dry, it has a significant amount of pollution, and it has a long commute,” said Bert Sperling, a lead researcher in the study. “All of these things add up to taking a toll on your skin.”

Sperling says researchers looked at existing data from across the country to determine how lifestyle, employment and pollution impact stress levels, and how those factors affect skin.

“It’s pretty dry out here, lot of stuff in the environment, long commutes, lots of traffic,” said Riverside resident Michelle Davis, who knows how life’s pressures can pile on. “I did the commute for three years from here to Torrance and Fullerton. It’s crazy.”

The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale region was ranked 16th, with LA marking the study’s highest level of particulate pollution.

Dry, sunny weather and long commutes were cited as two key factors in Riverside earning the top wrinkle ranking along with the third-highest stress score due to the city’s 11 percent unemployment rate, the study reported.

In an ironic twist, however, San Diego — which is only a two-hour drive from Riverside — had a ranking of 50th due to its below-average unemployment rates and a mild coastal climate.

New York and Philadelphia rounded off the second- and third-ranked cities for skin damage risk nationwide.

Data used for the study was adjusted by current population to arrive at “per capita” figures, and category scores were aggregated and weighted to determine an overall “Wrinkle Ranking” score.

Click here (PDF) to see the “Top 50 Most Wrinkle-Prone U.S Regions.”


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