RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) —  Red-light cameras are once again in focus in Riverside.

The City Council voted almost unanimously for a plan that could lead to phasing out 18 cameras at intersections across the city. The issue brings out strong opinions on both sides.

“I do find if they’re going to be a deterrent and decrease our accidents at our stoplights, we might as well keep them,” resident Kristina Cordiero said.

“A couple of my buddies actually got flashed from them, and it really wasn’t accurate, so I don’t think they’re doing their job,” resident Tom Marks said.

The cameras were installed in 2007. A report from the city’s public works department claims there was an initial 64 percent decrease in the number of drivers running lights. But the program isn’t cheap, and many residents want to see them gone.

The mayor says the question of whether to end the program came up because of new leadership in the city, and some are questioning the necessity of the cameras.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait reports that if the council does decide to remove the cameras, there will be no financial penalties, the public works department said.

And if Riverside did take them down, the city would be following other cities, including San Bernardino and Murrieta, which dismantled their programs.

This week’s vote for a blueprint to end the program is just the first step. Once the plan is drawn up, the council will have to vote again, and it could be contentious.


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