LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)   —  Where’s the beef?

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck wants his pastrami sandwich.

Last week, Beck made a friendly wager with former LAPD Chief — and current New York City Police Commissioner — William Bratton over the outcome of the Kings-Rangers Stanley Cup contest.

Saturday morning, Bratton — apparently not taking the Rangers loss in stride — tweeted a photo of a rather dingy-looking cafe in an apparently rundown section of NYC, and asked Beck if he “wanted his mustard on the side or what?”

Beck tweeted back with a mouthwatering photo of a stuffed pastrami sandwich, laden with coleslaw from Langer’s Deli, in the Westlake District of Los Angeles.

That sandwich — AKA the #19 — and restaurant are known Bratton faves. Touche!

No less an authority than The New York Times once proclaimed the Langer’s #19, the finest pastrami sandwich in the entire
nation — including New York.

After some friendly Twitter back-and-forth, Beck’s ultimate tweet instructed Bratton to pay up — “CommissBratton, hold the mustard pls, slaw inside, like Langer’s Deli number 19.”


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