PASADENA ( — A proposed music festival at the Rose Bowl is generating concern among homeowners nearby who are already on edge about additional blockbuster events planned at the stadium this season.

Bill Urban, who’s lived by the Bowl for 15 years, joined residents at a meeting Thursday night about the proposal.

“We realize we live by the Rose Bowl, you expect that they have events. The concern is when there are a lot of events, because then you’re locked up week after week after week,” Urban said. “There’s a problem with people getting rowdy, we’ll call it. We want to be sure that’s controlled.”

The proposal would ramp up events from 12 to 21 a year, and allow a 3-day music festival on the golf course. Residents worry it would be like the massive Coachella Festival in Indio.

“What we’re really trying to do is secure our future and music festivals are growing,” Rose Bowl General Manager Darryl Dunn said.

The stadium already plans to host six concerts this summer, the most to take place there in a single year: three nights of One Direction, a two-night Rihanna and Eminem show and a Beyonce and Jay Z concert.

The 92-year-old Rose Bowl recently underwent a $155 million renovation. Dunn says they’ll need to obtain $750,000 a year for annual maintenance.

“Often, stadiums deteriorate and they decline. We’re just trying to keep the Rose Bowl as an asset long term,” Dunn said.

Some residents say more events would be an economic boost to the city and a smart play for the iconic Bowl.

Another public hearing is scheduled for Saturday morning. The public can comment on the proposal at a meeting July 9 at Pasadena City Hall.


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