CANYON LAKE (  —  Residents in this gated community near Lake Elsinore are shocked that their neighborhood was tagged by vandals using racial slurs and swastikas.

In a CBS2 exclusive, they told reporter Crystal Cruz they were angry that three young people from their neighborhood could have been responsible for the vandalism.

“I was pissed honestly, very upset,” said Justin, the owner of an SUV that was tagged with swastikas and one of several neighbors targeted by the vandals.

“This isn’t kids being kids. This is kids being little punks,” Justin said.

Deputies arrested three minors who live in the community on suspicion of felony vandalism and arson.

The juveniles are also accused of setting a small fire at the community’s clubhouse. One juvenile is being investigated in other fires.

“I think that the parents need to step up and start understanding that they need to take control before anything else happens in the community. This is what they call a bit of paradise, but it’s becoming a nightmare,” neighbor Irene Norman said.

Another neighbor suspects the minors damaged her truck with a key.

A black line and a sexual comment were also spray-painted across a car in front of a home.

“We’re all more attentive. When we hear a dog bark, our eyes and ears are open, getting up in the middle of the night to make sure everything’s OK,” said Billy, a neighbor.

The SUV’s owner wants to know who the minors’ parents are. He wants them to see the hateful tagging up close.

“I’d love to put (the SUV)  in front of their houses at least for a day each. Let the parents see what they did, what wonderful artists their kids are,” Justin said.

He also told Cruz he wants an apology from the minors — and their parents.