SAN MARINO ( — The mayor of San Marino was caught on camera throwing dog feces in his neighbor’s yard.

The video shows Mayor Dennis Kneier tossing the bag of dog waste onto Philip Lao’s walkway.

“I’m the kind of guy that’s always picking up trash and I reached down and picked it up and I am walking down the street . . . and in a moment of stupidity, I guess I was tired of carrying it, I disposed of it on his walkway. It was a mistake,” he said.

Lao, who captured the incident on his home surveillance system, told CBS2 that he thinks it was retaliation because he opposes a neighborhood dog park at nearby Lacy Park.

The mayor said he’s written an apology to Lao, which was also published in the local newspaper.

“To think that what I did, which again I say was a lapse of judgement, had anything to do with how I feel or may feel in the future and he feels about a dog park is just so far from the truth I can’t believe it,” Kneier said.

The video was handed over to police, but Lao declined to file charges.

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