LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  Jurors at the Bryan Stow civil trial against Frank McCourt, former owner of the LA Dodgers, on Wednesday heard from a security guard who testified the team had inadequate security to handle a rowdy and drunken opening day crowd in 2011.

Jurors also were read dramatic excerpts from a eight-minute 911 call where a woman called for help for Stow after he was punched and kicked while on the ground in the parking lot. Also for jurors, a cell phone video made of a fight that broke out in the stands showing there was no security in sight.

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Attorneys for Bryan Stow said it proved, in their opinion, that security was extremely lax.

“They were supposed to have security people going up and down those aisles,” said Tom Girardi.

The lawyer called Ken Delgado to the stand Wednesday. Delgado works for Dodgers security.

He was working security on opening day on 2011. Girardi got him to admit, “the Dodgers did not have enough security for security guards to go up and down the aisles in the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th innings,” as required by their own policy.

The fight shown on the cell phone video occurred during the 6th inning. Delgado said security never knew about it.

“The Dodgers pointed out what they were supposed to do and then we know what they did,” said Girardi.

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The cell phone video happened long before and far away from where Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood beat Giants fan Stow.

“We proved that all this antagonism that went on, started in the 2nd inning,” said Girardi, “somebody being drunk, yelling obscenities, throwing stuff — and nothing happened. Totally in violation of their own rule.”

The rules, according to Delgado, say that anyone who is drunk, fighting, starting a fight or throwing anything at fans would be kicked out immediately.

Witnesses have told the jury that Sanchez was drunk, challenging people to fights and throwing things at people.

Girardi also called several witnesses who said they saw Stow being attacked in the parking lot.

One of those witnesses, Natasha Lagano not only saw the attack, she also called 911.

Girardi plans on calling two more security people to the stand Thursday. Next Tuesday, he plans on calling Jamie McCourt, McCourt’s ex-wife. And a week from Friday, Lopez reported, Girardi plans to call McCourt himself.

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