LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)   —  A doctor testified at the Bryan Stow civil trial against former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt Friday.

The doctor, a psychiatrist who specializes in traumatic brain injuries, testified that Stow was so severely beaten and suffered severe enough brain damage that he has no recollection of the beating and no concept about the severity of his injuries.

His mother testified yesterday that despite remarkable progress in his recovery, Stow is still unable to handle simple tasks like tying his own shoes.

Stow, a Giants fan, was beaten on opening day 2011.

Reporting for CBS2, Dave Lopez said a couple also testified that they attended the game and were sitting in the loge section near Stow.

They testified that they saw no security despite the fact that many fans were openly drunk and using profanity.

At a press conference following the beating, then-owner Frank McCourt vowed to change a hooligan-friendly climate at the stadium.

“The behavior at Dodgers Stadium is going to change,” McCourt said.

At that press conference, Lopez asked him about “the criminal element that many people perceived to be prevalent at Dodgers Stadium, back then.”

“I have one message, for the fans and the citizens of Los Angeles and that is, ‘I hear you loudly and I hear you clearly,'” McCourt replied.

McCourt is being sued by the 42-year-old Stow for $34 million. According to Stow’s family, that is an estimate of what his medical bills will be if he lives until he’s 70-years-old.

The Stow family attorney, Tom Girardi, said he’s repeatedly tried to get McCourt to settle out of court but McCourt said, ‘No way.’

The Guggenheim Group, which now owns the Dodgers, is not part of the lawsuit. McCourt sold the team for a record $2.15 billion in May 2012 — his profit from the sale, almost $900 million, according to court documents.

Girardi told Lopez Friday that he plans to call McCourt to the witness stand sometime next week — or the week after — and he also plans to treat him as a hostile witness.




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