LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Instagram has issued an apology after taking down a photo of a plus-sized woman’s derriere claiming it violated the site’s policy on nudity.

The move angered many users, who claimed Instagram was being hypocritical because they allow bikini photos from more petite women.

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Meghan Tonjes, of Sherman Oaks, says her photo was taken down because she’s not a size two. It had apparently been flagged for nudity or mature content.

“Hi, we’ve removed something you posted on Instagram for violating our community guidelines,” Instagram said in an email to Tonjes.

The 28-year-old musician and blogger is a size 16 and says she’s proud of her body.

Tonjes discussing the Instagram issue because she wants to bring attention to an alleged social media double standard; she’s irked by the fact that photos of thinner girls showing more skin don’t seem to bother anyone.

“I want people to see all different bodies, and I want to be in a bathing suit or shorts, like every other girl that I know, and not feel that because people don’t want to see that kind of body that I shouldn’t be visible,” Tonjes said.

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The singer-songwriter posts all kinds of photos on her social media accounts and chronicled her 70-pound weight loss online.

“I think my booty looks good. I’ve worked really hard and am happy with that photo,” she said.

Tonjes already had a massive YouTube following, so it got many people’s attention when went public about the photo removal.

The public backlash got Instagram to change their tune, saying they made a mistake, and they restored the content.

The blogger says, “There is a culture of girls coming up all sizes, who want to document their lives, and whether it’s video or photography, they want to be treated equally and be proud of who they are.”

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Tonjes says she’ll continue to post photos promoting body positivity.