RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) — A 5-year-old boy saved the day when his mother blacked out on medication during a ride home in Riverside.

“I was a little bit scared,” Caden Drake said.

Caden was in the vehicle with his mother and little brother earlier this month when she got sick in their SUV.

“I pulled over the car. I just don’t remember anything after that. I just kinda blacked out. I just started shaking, and I started sweating, and my vision just went black,” Ashley Drake said.

Before the emergency, Drake called her mom to say she wasn’t feeling well, but then dropped the phone.

Caden picked it up and his grandma told him to call OnStar.

“This is LeAnn with OnStar Emergency, what’s your name?” the operator said.

“Caden,” the boy replied.

Caden then spent a few minutes telling the OnStar operator what was wrong.

“What’s mommy doing?” the operator asked.

“She, she’s crying, and she has her eyes closed,” Caden said.

With the help of OnStar and its tracking system, Riverside police officers were able to quickly find the SUV on the side of the road.

Officers learned Caden was also dealing with his scared 4-year-old brother.

“He told us that he was trying to keep his brother in the car, who had been trying to get out. I mean, he really kept it together, was really calm,” Officer Juan Munoz said.

The officers gave Caden and his little brother a goodie bag for doing great job.

The OnStar operator commented on Caden’s performance, as well.

“Well done, Caden,” she said.

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