The advantages of seeking a bachelor’s degree in business administration are bountiful. Potential vocations include securing authoritative roles in such mutually beneficial industries as education, corporate, health care and technology.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Patricia Martinez)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Patricia Martinez)

Most administrative managers in the greater Los Angeles region are earning about $80,000 annually, according to current employment trends. This is why experts say an academic degree in business administration can be considered a valuable ticket to a rewarding career.

“It is a general degree which can be applied in nearly every sector and industry in Los Angeles, both for and not-for-profit,” said Dr. Patricia Martinez, a professor at Loyola Marymount University (LMU). “Its general nature provides individuals with great flexibility.”

Dr. Martinez has worked in the academic sector for nearly 20 years. She said the manner in which business courses are being taught today are influenced markedly by advancing technology.

“Class lectures now integrate videos, web-based content and simulations,” said Dr. Martinez, who earned her Ph.D. in management and organizational behavior from the University of California at Irvine. “Students may use e-books, online quizzes and exams. They also have access to world-class research databases.”

What is LMU doing to help students keep pace with ever-evolving technology?

“Several of our required business courses involve the heavy use of state-of-the-art information technology along with understanding the current role of technology in conducting business.”

What programs are helping graduates become more employable?

“We have an accredited Applied Information Management Systems (AIMS) program, which provides students with advanced technology skills. Also, our M-School is a breakthrough program that delivers world-class advertising and marketing education that is relevant to today’s digitally-connected marketing and business environment.”

What is your message to unemployed business graduates?

“Use your college’s career counseling resources, including job databases, job search planning resources and counselors. Many colleges allow you to use these services after graduation for free or for a minimal fee.”

What is your advice to students pursuing a business degree?

“From day one, begin thinking about and planning for your future career. If you wait to plan your job search until you are about to graduate, you are far behind.”

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