EAST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) —  Three dogs rescued from a slaughterhouse in South Korea, are on their way to Los Angeles to be adopted.

Somang, Hyung and Gracie will meet prospective new foster and adoptive families Saturday evening at the National Museum of Animals & Society (4302 Melrose Avenue, 90029).

The dogs were rescued by a group called In Defense of Animals (IDA). The group describes itself as “an international animal rights and rescue organization dedicated to protecting the rights, welfare and habitats of animals.”

In a statement, the group wrote, “IDA actively works on the dog meat trade in Asia, specifically South Korea, where man’s best friends are subjected to the most unimaginable suffering until their last breath. Huddled together in filthy cages or on unforgiving slabs of cold cement, gripped with fear, faces looming out of the black depths, they await their unremittingly bleak fates … any dog can be slaughtered for food. Pet dogs or meat dogs.”

At tonight’s adoption event, animal lovers will also see the photography of Jo-Anne McArthur.  Her work centers on the plight of animals around the world.  McArthur’s exhibit, “WE ANIMALS,” is on view through May 3.

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