STUDIO CITY ( — This week’s Pet 2 Love is Hatchi!

Hatchi is a 5-month-old rescue.

She gets along well with other dogs, but can be a little dominant with some.

Hatchi has long supermodel legs and will probably be in the 40- to 50-pound range when full-grown.

The Korean Jindo Dog is well-known for its unwavering loyalty and gentle nature. They are of medium to high energy.

The breed makes a great house dog as long as they are given good mental and physical stimulation (i.e. plenty of on-leash walks). However, they are not typically suited to dog park environments.

Jindo dogs need reasonable space to roam and run, but this can be accommodated through consistent walks.

Because the Jindo is an active and intelligent dog, it requires frequent interaction with people or another dog in the family.

Hatchi is already spayed, up to date with shots and is good with kids.

She is available for adoption immediately through the Bark Avenue Foundation, (323)969-8082.