STUDIO CITY ( – Celebrity makeup artist Candace Corey visited KCAL9 Friday to discuss the importance of cleaning your makeup tools and products this spring, as well as to talk about some of the latest trends!

Corey shared the following tips:


• Before you update your makeup for the season, start by spring cleaning your current tools.

• Replacing the inserts in your eye lash curler keeps bacteria, which can cause an eye infection, at bay. Remove the inserts and clean the body of the curler with alcohol; just be sure it’s not wet from the alcohol before you apply the new insert.

• Cleaning makeup brushes not only keeps your cosmetics from harboring dirt and oil, but it also helps your bristles stay soft so makeup blends properly.

• Use a cleanser that can remove traces of dirt and makeup, like the Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner, which also has anti-bacterial benefits. Spray the cleanser on a tissue and stroke the bristles across it for easy cleaning.

• If you need new tools, opt for brushes that have natural bristles like sable or even squirrel.


• Spring fashion this season includes crop tops and peek-a-boo inserts, so get your body looking its best by using a body brush or loofah with a body wash like Caress Fresh Body Wash that is infused with lush gardenia and white tea essence.

• Scrubbing in a circular motion not only removes the dead skin, but also leaves a fresh scent.


• One of the makeup trends for the season is a bright bold lip and the color for spring is orange!

• To create your look, start with proper hydration. Now that the season is warmer, set aside the heavier creams. Opt for something that is very light weight but absorbs quickly like the Simple Ultra-light Gel Moisturizer. It contains glycerin, which is hydrating, with the added benefits of multi-vitamins like Pro-Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C. When skin is hydrated correctly, your makeup lasts longer.

• The best way to wear bold color is to not overdo it. Keep the eyes simple by using a soft brown, then add a burst of orange to your cheeks and lips.

• To keep your cheeks from looking clown-like, opt for a product like the Make Up For Ever HD blush that is designed to melt onto the skin, so the bold color looks more like a natural flush instead of artificial. To complete the look, finish with a bright orange lip and a touch of gloss.


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