LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — An Orange County man went to the casino and didn’t win a dime — yet he still came home $200,000 richer.

CA Lottery officials say Everett Lamkin was feeling lucky before he went to the casino and also felt lucky enough to buy 4 $5 scratchers.

He knew he would win that $20 spent on the scratchers back — if they were losers. His casino experience was pretty much a bust.

But Lamkin was thrilled when he found out one of his scratchers was worth $200,000.

On the way to the casino, needing something to drink, he stopped at a convenience story in Temecula (namely the Circle K located at 44520 Bedford Court) and the rest is lottery history.

For the record, Lamkin played the game “20X The Money”

After scratching the ticket, he admits it took a while for the win to sink in.

“I didn’t believe it,” Lamkin said. “I folded it up and went to the car and drove to the local store and had it scanned.”

After winning the $200,000 he decided to quit while he was ahead — no more casino. Lamkin said he just drove home to tell his kids.

Lamkin has three children, including a 19-year-old who is about to start at a four-year university.

He told Lottery officials his scratcher win will come in handy at tuition and fees time.


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