CHULA VISTA ( —  A Chula Vista man said he had it up to “about here” with people stealing packages from his front door.

So when Chad Bear received another delivery, he decided to set a trap.

He left the package outside, went across the street and hid in some bushes. Bear was armed with his pit bull, a baseball bat and a cell-phone.

A couple hours later, he says four high school kids walked by and took the bait.

That’s when he jumped from his hiding spot. He detained the boys until police arrived.

Bear told KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle the suspects were less concerned with the baseball bat than they were his pooch.

“They’re in pretty good shape. They’re going to be able to run and I might not be able to catch them. But they know a dog will catch them and that was intimidating enough that they didn’t try and run.”

After police arrived, officials said the boys were in possession of stolen merchandise belonging to several people in the neighborhood.

Bear, in hindsight, thinks maybe he shouldn’t have taken the law into his own hands.

“These very well could have been kids with guns and that could have been the end my life,” Bear said.


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