STUDIO CITY ( —Too busy to go to the gym? That’s no longer an excuse!

Ty Vincent, owner and head coach at CrossFit Sunset, stopped by CBS2 This Morning to show viewers how to get in shape while sitting at work!

Swimsuit season is right around the corner and even if you aren’t able to get to the gym every day, there are still some easy ways to get those abs in shape in time for the pool while sitting at your desk.

Ab Crunches:

o Sit tall in your chair with knees at 90 degree angle and feet flat on floor
o Interlock hands behind head, curl your torso towards knees till chest hits thighs, squeezing your abs tightly
o Return and repeat for 2 sets of 25. Do 2-3 times a day.

Torso Twist:

o Sit on edge of chair in same position as Ab crunch, keeping backbone erect.
o Interlock fingers behind head and suck in torso to lock in our core
o Turn from right to left in chair engaging movement from lower abdomen/hip area
o Do at least 4-5 sets of 20 rotations (1 rotation equals once right and once left)

Knee Tucks (to be demo-ed last, if there is time):

o Sit tall in chair with your back almost against back of chair but make sure you have enough room to lean back
o Grasp the sides of the chair with hands with feet flat on floor
o Lean back and lift knees in air so feet come about 6 inches off ground
o Contract abs and extend legs straight at knee to full extension and then bring them back in to as close as chest as possible (don’t worry about actually touching your chest with knees. It’s just a reference point)
o Do 2 sets of 25 2-3 times a day


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