STUDIO CITY ( —  The Jewish Family Services of LA held a fundraiser Sunday on the CBS Radford lot.

CBS2’s Juan Fernandez said the sunny day was filled with happy faces and bright smiles on the lot’s New York Street.

The group’s fundraiser, called “A Day of Hope,” raises money for families in need in the community. Today’s fundraising effort was specifically aimed at the needs of young people and students.

CBS is a partner to the event. Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS Entertainment, said “The objective is to lift people up, get them out of co-dependent and potentially dangerous situations and set them up on a life that is independent and all the best opportunities to have a good life.”

Jewish Family Services has been in operation for 160 years and noted that they have always been there to help — all families, from all walks of life.

The group’s CEO, Susie Forer-Dehrey echoed that sentiment.

“We have about 12,000 people that come to us every single month,” Forer-Dehrey said, “And since the economic downturn, we’ve seen people slide from middle class to lower middle class and the need is so great. And even though we are a Jewish organization, we provide for the entire community no matter what background they are from.”

Superstar Josh Groban sang and wowed the crowd. He’s a native Angeleno who was happy to help.

“Being in a position now, where I can help, and sing for adults and kids, and on a nice afternoon. Usually it’s 11 o’clock at night [when I’m performing.] To come out here and have a picnic and a burger and for a wonderful cause, it’s a pleasure,” Groban said.

For more information about Jewish Family Services of LA and the many programs they offer, click here.