ANAHEIM ( — Bruno the K9 officer critically wounded in a shootout last Thursday, ate on his own Sunday.

Officials said that was a very hopeful sign for the dog’s recovery.

Bruno was shot in the jaw — that bullet exited his mouth and lodged in his chest. Bruno lost half of his lung in surgery and the bullet ended up less than an inch from his heart.

Man and dog alike came to support Bruno Saturday. (credit: CBS)

Man and dog alike came to support Bruno Saturday. (credit: CBS)

Saturday night, Bruno received a blood transfusion from a donation from Ares, another K9 officer. K9 officer Guenther has also donated blood.

Bruno’s partner, Brett Klevos, told the Anaheim Police Department’s newsletter “Behind the Badge,” that Bruno’s blood work is also looking encouraging.

He said doctors removed Bruno’s catheter on Sunday and he was able to take a short walk on some grass outside the Yorba Regional Animal Hospital.

Doctors told Klevos that Bruno’s recovering faster than expected “considering what he’s been through.”




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