BIG BEAR ( — The Big Bear Pirate Ship, which was sank by Mother Nature during a winter storm earlier this month, will be raised Thursday.

Workers will being the raising process at 8 a.m. at Holloway’s Marina, city officials said.

The ship’s owner and certified scuba diver, Loren Hafen, plans to strap four to six air-lift bags to the bottom of the ship which will then be inflated by an air compressor.

“She’s been underwater too long, it’s time resurrect our beloved Time Bandit,” said Hafen. “These air-lift bags are designed to salvage heavy objects underwater including yachts and airplanes, so we’re optimistic this will do the trick.”

Hafen plans to restore the replica of a 16th century Spanish Galleon in time for the town’s 100 year anniversary this summer.

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