VENICE ( — There’s a new diet in town and it sounds like heaven.

You get to eat ice cream for four straight days and your exercise consists of yoga.

Kippy Miller, who owns Kippy’s! Ice Cream Shop in Venice, and a neighboring yoga instructor in Venice came up with the cleanse.

Miller calls the product ice cream but it doesn’t actually contain milk or dairy products. The frozen treat contains “plant-based, raw coconut cream. So it is no dairy, no sugar and no soy.”

For $240, customers can indulge in five pints of ice cream per day. It translates to an intake of 1,200 calories, 70 grams of fat and more than 120 grams of sugar.

Miller says 12 people did the yoga-ice cream cleanse in February and lost weight, but she didn’t provide specifics.

“The ice cream is fantastic,” said one woman enjoying a bowl. “It sounds great if you can eat ice cream for four days on the cleanse.”

Sound too good to be true? Nutritionist Jason Song, of Zen Foods, doesn’t recommend the cleanse. He says those looking to shed pounds should instead try to work on portion control.

“What kind of stood out to me was the calorie range…it is a great range because it’s from 1,000 to 1,200. But while I was reading more up on, it’s very high in saturated fat and sugar and that concerned me,” Song said.

While Song doesn’t support the ice cream cleanse, he does agree that the frozen treat makes for a good alternative for the lactose-intolerant.

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