CORONA ( — A cellphone camera captured a fistfight between two teens in Corona over the weekend.

KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen reports that a girl named Stephanie went over to Jalen’s home on Sunday morning.

The duo, who have been friends for nearly 10 years, had previously argued over social media.

Stephanie’s mother, who didn’t want her face shown on-camera, doesn’t condone her daughter’s actions, but believes Jalen’s parents should’ve stepped in.

Instead, Jalen’s parents appeared to encourage the brawl.

“Don’t I ever catch you in my ******* yard,” Jalen’s father yelled at Stephanie.

“Whup her,” Jalen’s mother said.

“My issue is that there were several adults witnessing, encouraging, participating in this physical altercation, and no one stepped in to stop it,” Stephanie’s mother said.

Jalen’s parents didn’t want to be interviewed, but their neighbors said it was Stephanie and her friends who went to Jalen’s house looking for trouble.

“All three of them banged on the door. Non-stop,” neighbor Michelle Hicks said.

“I see two other girls ready to fight.  Like, you know they had their hair up.  They’re ready. They’re ready for fighting,” Heather Ojeda said.

Neighbors added that they didn’t step in because they didn’t think the girls were going to seriously hurt each other.

“I don’t know how old anybody was. I didn’t want to grab nobody in the wrong place,” Brandon Ojeda said.

Residents believe Jalen’s parents were right for letting the fight go on.

Stephanie’s mother said her daughter suffered injuries after she was kneed by Jalen’s mom, but neighbors denied that happened.

Jalen’s mother was arrested for battery, but has since posted bail. Charges are pending against Jalen’s father.

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