SANTA ANA ( — Santa Ana officers are hopeful they can soon figure out the identity of an amnesic woman who was injured last year in a hit-and-run.

Jane Doe, as she’s officially known on the fourth floor of Western Medical Center, was critically wounded as she crossed 4th and Lacy streets in Santa Ana before dawn on Oct. 15, 2013.

The woman had no identification when she arrived in the ER, and her fingerprints didn’t match anyone in the system.

CBS2’s Michele Gile reports that the woman was in a coma and needed brain surgery.

“Basically, she was all alone when she came in. She had all these injuries and no family came for her. And when she woke up, she’s saying, ‘Oh, where’s my family?’ And she had a hard time remembering who they were,” Nurse Michelle Newton said.

Four and a half months later, Jane Doe has started to reveal a few details about herself.

Her first word? Martha—presumably her name.

Martha told the nurses she lived in an apartment in Santa Ana, and she’s given several possible street names for a location.

Martha also said she has two sons and her birthday is Feb. 24, 1959. In addition, she has mentioned the last name Herrera.

Nurses have adopted Martha in a way because she receives no visitors.

“We do little things for her. Like, we bought her deodorant. We dyed her hair because when she first came in, it was a purple, maroonish color, more burgundy,” Newton said.


Public’s Help Sought Identifying Jane Doe Injured In October Car Accident


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