PASADENA ( — A Pasadena man is accused of molesting a teenaged boy he met online.

Police said the boy’s parents came home and discovered the 52-year-old man molesting the boy Saturday night.

Authorities said the parents detained the man until they arrived.

A neighbor told CBS2’s Art Barron that the usually calm neighborhood had a lot of police activity.

“We just saw three cop cars pull up. There were cop in the courtyard, on the streets,” said neighbor JD Robinson.

The neighbor said the parents arrived home, around midnight, and found the suspect hiding in their home

“We believe an assault may have taken place,” said Lt. Jason Clauson of the Pasadena Police Department. “We actually contacted our detectives and the detectives are working the investigation as we speak.”

The suspect, Robert Curtis Coleman, lives about three miles away from where the boy and his parents reside.

Barron went to Coleman’s house — located in the 500 block of Claremont Street — and knocked on the door but got no response.

Neighbors told Barron that Coleman is quiet and reserved.

“We wave to him, and we’ll always wave to him, but he just seems to keep to himself,” said Armando Gonzalez.

“He is to himself,” said Martin Reese, “and like our other neighbors, it is an open neighborhood. And there’s lots of kids around here.”

Police said Coleman and the teen became friends online.

They said he drove over to the teen’s house Saturday for the purpose of engaging in lewd acts.

Police arrested him and charged him with the lewd acts.

Officials also obtained a search warrant to search his home and computer to determine if there are other possible victims.

“The detectives will take over and look for patterns of past behavior,” said Lt. Clauson, “or friends or stuff they can track over the internet.”

Barron said the boy was taken to a hospital to check for signs of possible molestation.

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