LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — According to the California Highway Patrol, more than 100 accidents happened on the roads Wednesday night – double the amount during the same time period last week.

As Thursday night’s storm rolled in, CHP closed a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu as a precaution. The 12-mile stretch between Yerba Buena Road and Las Posas is prone to landslides and would be closed at least until sunrise Friday, officials said.

AAA spokesperson Steve Mazor is expecting rough driving conditions to continue through Friday as well, and spoke to CBS2’s Tom Wait about what drivers should do before they get on the road.

“The most important thing driving in the rain or foul weather is to slow down,” Mazor said, adding it’s not just about how you’re driving, but whether or not your vehicle is prepared.

“Especially in wet weather – you do not want to drive on bald or near bald tires,” he said.

AAA suggests using the top of a quarter to check tire tread. If you can see above Washington’s head, you may need new tires.

“Some people like to say, ‘If I let a little air out of my tires, I get more traction.’ That’s a myth,” Mazor added.

A few more tips from AAA:

– Try to stay in the middle lane, where you’re less likely to see flooding

– Avoid pooling water, which could be deeper than it looks

– Check your brakes by tapping them gently in a safe place

– Know how to safely regain control if you find yourself in trouble in a skid

“Turn in the direction of the skid until you regain control and try to steer in the direction you were trying go in the first place,” Mazor said.

He also advises drivers to watch carefully for potholes, which there could be more of due to heavy rain and fluctuating temperatures.

The CHP says drivers should also travel with caution through the following areas due to the possibility of flooding:

– Pacific Coast Highway at Las Posas Road

– Angeles Crest Highway

– Downtown L.A.

– Sepulveda Boulevard and I-105

– Redondo Beach Boulevard and I-110


Beachside Communities Prepare For Possible Storm Flooding

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