PICO-ROBERTSON (CBSLA.com) — Chefs and bartenders say a new state law requiring them to wear disposable gloves during all phases of food preparation is hurting their bottom line and can be dangerous.

But on Monday, a state lawmaker is expected to introduce a bill in Sacramento to stop the enforcement of the law.

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Sushi restaurants are among the places most affected by the food safety law, which went into effect at the beginning of this year.

“It’s about putting life into a piece of sushi. You want to be able to feel the rice. Control the texture. But with gloves, it’s kind of hard to,” one chef told CBS2’s Bobby Kaple.

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The requirement to wear gloves also extends to bartenders who put any sort of food or vegetable in a cocktail.

“I think it’s really silly. And bartenders wearing gloves, that’s really stupid,” said one customer.

Another customer said, “I think I’m anti-wearing gloves. I really am ’cause they have to wash their hands, right?”

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“What we would like to see happen is to put a smarter bill together,” said Alex Reznik, who owns Ditmas Kitchen in Los Angeles.