SANTA ANA ( — A Newport Beach woman got into a controversial exchange with a Delta Airlines customer service representative on Twitter about the mother’s right to breastfeed her baby aboard a plane.

Lindsay Jaynes told KCAL9’s Stacey Butler that she went online to book a flight with her newborn son, who is recovering from oral surgery and has acid reflux.

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“I noticed that there wasn’t any statement about a breastfeeding policy,” she said.

Jaynes decided to tweet at Delta’s customer service account to ask if they had a policy.

“All I really wanted was a written statement by them to show any of the flight attendants or anyone on the plane just in case there was an issue,” Jaynes said.

A Delta representative wrote back that she would not be able to breastfeed without a cover-up.

“I have tried since day one to use a cover with him and to use a bottle, and he refuses to feed with either one,” Jaynes told Butler.

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Jaynes asked if the rep had a suggestion because her boy needs to eat every two hours and she’s on a six-hour flight.

The rep told Jaynes that she could bring the breast milk on the plane.

Jaynes said she was so upset, she contacted breastfeeding advocacy groups. They retweeted her tweets and contacted Delta.

On Friday, Delta tweeted an apology about the misinformation.

A Delta spokesperson told Butler that the customer service rep who issued the tweets made a mistake.

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Jaynes just wants a breastfeeding policy posted on Delta’s website.