PARAMOUNT ( — A family in Paramount said Sunday they were lucky that a car didn’t slam into their home and into a group of children who would normally be playing outside.

The incident occurred in the 16400 block of Downey Avenue in Paramount.

Witnesses said a fire truck — with lights and sirens on — and a car collided. The car then veered down Downey Avenue nearly hitting a home.

KCAL9’s Adrianna Weingold said the family got a big scare when the car almost hit the home Sunday evening.

The car came to a stop in their front yard and barely missed the house.

She said normally kids would be outside playing but tonight there were 18 kids at the house holding a Bible study class.

Thankfully, the family says all the kids were inside at the time of the crash.

Fire officials told Weingold it was the civilian car that hit the fire truck.

Either way, witness Max Samoa said timing is everything.

“Two or three minutes earlier, I had just told them [the kids] to go get their pizzas and go in my garage,” said Samoa. “And then the accident happened. We had one kid holding the screen door open. Lucky, she didn’t get hit.”

One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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