STUDIO CITY ( — Tap into your inner zentrepreneur with help from author John Murphy.

John is one of the speakers at this year’s Conscious Life Conference and Exposition help at the LAX Hilton Feb. 7 – 9. He has also written the book, “Zentrepreneur: Get Out of the Way and Lead”.

The purpose of the Conscious Life Conference and Exposition is to bring us all together, Murphy said. It is a three-day gathering of the tribes, a three-day celebration of evolution and consciousness and a three-day brainstorming session on who we are, where we are and where we are going.

What is a zentrepreneur?

A zentrepreneur is one who makes “good change.” We turn positive dreams into realities. We combine the art and discipline of Zen practice (peace of mind, presence, poise, confidence, balance, good thinking and well-being) with the science and discipline of business, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Why is so important now that we listen to our inner zentrepreneur?

• People all over the world are stressing out over the uncertainty and rapid pace of change. Resistance, denial and despair are common reactions.

• This is like going through life with the “brakes” on. Our inner zentrepreneur is our true spirit seeking creative expression and freedom.

• We are designed for change. We are destined for growth. When we listen to our inner zentrepreneur… our dreams, our passions, our hearts, we free our souls and manifest our ideas.

• When we do not, we live in fear and doubt, aging rapidly and suffering from regret.

How do we tap into our inner zentrepreneur?

• We start with simple yet profound questions. This opens the mind and challenges us to be more contemplative and discerning with our choices.

• In fact, the book Zentrepreneur begins each chapter with one of these questions. For example, chapter one is “What if? Chapter two is “Why” and chapter three is “Why not?”

• These questions stimulate creativity and help us combine our intuitive mind with practical techniques to be successful. They help us see the opportunities and the solutions that surround us every day.

What typically gets in the way and what can we do to overcome it?

• Fear, resistance and ignorance frequently get in the way. In other words, we often get in our own way. We doubt ourselves.

• We “yeah but” ourselves or we buy into the “yeah buts” of others. There is a whole chapter titled “Yeah But” in the book to help readers understand how to get past this fear and resistance.

• To be successful, we have to identify the forces against us (many of which are self-imposed) and plan accordingly.

• One of the most powerful techniques for doing this is called “letting go.” We have to learn to let go of the baggage and limiting beliefs weighing us down. We have to “delete” the disempowering mental programs running our lives (our habitual, subconscious thinking) and replace it with successful habits. We have to let go to let flow.


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