VAN NUYS ( — The trial for a Los Angeles Superior Court judge accused of injuring a woman during an argument over the disposal of a bag of dog waste began on Thursday.

Last July, Judge Craig Richman had an altercation with Connie Romero over dog excrement that was placed on the street near the judge’s Chatsworth home.

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On the stand, Romero admitted to putting her “arm through his passenger window and placed [the dog waste] on the passenger seat and said, ‘Here, you throw it away.’”

James Blatt, Richman’s attorney, said that’s when the duo got into a verbal argument.

“She apparently follows him, and then she, according to the city attorney, makes the decision to confront him. To get into his face. To straighten him out. So there’s no question now that she starts it,” Blatt said.

Romero said the two “were face-to-face…eye-to-eye.” Romero said Richman pushed her from behind, causing her head to hit the pavement of his driveway.

Blatt, however, said it was Romero who started the pushing match and Richman only pushed back to defend himself.

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The defense also discussed Romero’s character by getting her to admit that she illegally took cash for a part-time job while receiving Medicare while on disability.

Romero also admitted during cross-examination that she nearly hit a bicyclist in a crosswalk while driving to court on Thursday.

“It’s clear that it’s a very troubled woman. And we’re hopeful that the jury sees it and we’re hopeful that the court sees it,” Blatt said.

Romero is expected back on the stand Friday.


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LA Judge Charged With Battery In Dispute With Woman Over Dog Waste