STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Dr. Steven Golightly, Director of Los Angeles County Child Support Services, stopped by KCAL9 Wednesday to discuss different ways individuals can manage their child support obligations.

Parents can face enforcement measures if they neglect or get behind on their child support obligations.  What do you do to work with these parents?

  • The recent downturn in our economy caused individuals to lose work or created a change in circumstances in their employment
  • We want parents to come in the door and see us.  Many don’t because they think our Department is an enforcement agency.
  • When circumstances change in their lives and employment, individuals have the option to seek a modification of their support order either up or down.
  • We want our clients not to hide out but come in and talk about what can be worked out.

How does someone get their license/passport back if they haven’t made their back child support payments?

  • They can walk into one of our offices, see a child support professional, and work out a payment plan.
  • We can review the payment history, make sure the notice was accurate and work with the family to stop the enforcement, get the license back or stop a bank levy.
  • The parent can also call our Customer Contact Center and talk to staff.  Our staff members speak a variety of languages at our Call Center.  Language is no barrier to service.
  • We tell our staff that “When you touch a file, you touch a child.”  We are dedicated to helping children get the support they need by improving our service to parents who have these responsibilities.

Where do people go to discuss these issues with Los Angeles County Child Support Services?

  • We have six public contact offices in Los Angeles County
  • Customers can call 1-866-901-3212 to get more information and make an appointment or payments.
  • The public can also go to our website here to get information on child support.