BURBANK (CBSLA.com) — Chris Burgess had just taken his wife home from the hospital where she had just given birth to their second son, and everything seemed so perfect for this Burbank family.

Within 24 hours that would tragically change: Robin was complaining of a headache and seemed to improve a bit after taking some pain medication. Chris went to get food and came back to find Robin was having a seizure and unable to speak.

She was rushed to the same hospital where she had given birth.

“They saw from the CAT scan she had a large bleed,” Chris Burgess said.

Doctors found the 42-year-old man had suffered an aneurysm.

“They don’t think the two are related. The doctors think it was already there and it may have been swelling from the surgery,” Burgess said.

She was checked into the intensive care unit. Two weeks later, Chris lost his wife of 11 years and was left alone to raise his two young sons.

“I’m thankful we had those five days,” the father said of the time he and Robin spent with their infant, Colin James, in the hospital.

As the Burgess family struggles to heal, friends and neighbors have helped Chris with the baby and supplies.

Meanwhile, Chris is faced with thousands of dollars in medical bills.

To help the Burgess family visit their donation page at www.giveforward.com.

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