LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A member of the Oakland Raiders ‘Raiderettes’ cheer squad is suing the team for allegedly violating state laws and short-changing its cheerleaders.

The plaintiff, calling herself Lacy T., filed a lawsuit against the team, who she says is breaking the law by paying the cheerleaders the equivalent of less than minimum wage.

Lacy claims that the wages, which are paid at the end of the season, are equivalent to earnings of less than five dollars per hour.

Furthermore, she says that cheerleaders are forced to pay their own work-related expenses, including travel.

Alise Caven, who was a Raiderette from 1989 to 1996, meanwhile, says that she disagrees with the lawsuit, and that the job was never meant to be for a lucrative paycheck.

“It is a lifetime opportunity that opened many doors for me,” Caven, who is now an educator and a children’s author, said. “And I’m happy to say that, as it did for other women.”

There are those also those who suggest that the NFL, which has seen its share of legal issues as it scrambles to prevent future brain-injury-related suits, has other opponents to be concerned with in court.

Lawyer Steve Meister says that, even if the case carries weight, there is a relatively small chance that it will succeed.

“If it’s going to take an act of congress for the league to wake up to concussions, cheerleaders are not going to be noticed by the league,” Meister said.

Lacy T., who says there were many work hours that the team is not paying for, is seeking compensation for both current and former Raiderettes.

The Oakland Raiders have not commented on the lawsuit.