ALHAMBRA ( — A 28-year-old woman came forward Monday to discuss a video she posted online where she confronts a school administrator about allegedly molesting her as a teen.

The YouTube video has gone viral.

“She told me that nobody cared about me.  And that she was the only one that loved me that,” said the woman, who only wants to go by the name “Jamie.”

Jamie said the alleged sexual relationship was with her former basketball coach at Chenawa Middle School in Riverside. She said the relationship began in 1999, when she was in the 8th grade and continued intermittently throughout high school. She says it finally ended after graduation.

The woman, who now has children of her own, says it took her years to work up the courage to report the alleged abuse. When she did, she discovered her former coach was working as assistant principal at Alhambra High School.

So, Jamie called the woman at her office and secretly recorded the phone conversation.

“You should be ashamed and disgusted with yourself,” Jamie says to the woman in the video.

“I am.  I am,” the alleged abuser says.

“Do you realize that you brainwashed me, and you manipulated me, and what you did was wrong?” Jamie says.

“Yes, and I regret it,” the alleged abuser says.

Jamie says she made the video public because she was manipulated to stay silent as a child.

“She told me that she would embarrass me in front of my friends and my family by telling them that I was a lesbian,” Jamie says.

The video has gone viral but it may not be admissible in court: California law mandates that all parties involved must consent to a phone call being recorded.

Jamie says she was unaware of that law when she made the video.

“I’m going to see that I try to put her in jail where she belongs,” Jamie says.

The Alhambra Unified School District says the administrator resigned over the weekend.

The Riverside Police Department is investigating the allegations.

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