EAST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — The search for the suspect in a fatal stabbing on the Red Line continues Wednesday evening.

The stabbing occurred Monday morning in front of horrified onlookers. Jose Velasco-Alvarado, 34, was stabbed in the neck after reportedly getting into an altercation with another passenger over singing.

KCAL9’s Suraya Fadel said so far police have not announced an arrest nor have they released video surveillance tape of the suspect.

The murder happened Monday morning just after a train pulled into the Vermont Station at Santa Monica Boulevard, police said.

Other than the basic information, Fadel said investigators were keeping tight-lipped.

At the station, she says one cannot help but notice cameras are everywhere.

Wednesday evening, uneasy riders were asking why the suspect is still walking the streets.

“I fear for my life waiting for the train,” said a rider named Paul Hammond. He relies on the Metro to get around every day and said he’s been on edge since the deadly attack.

“They better find this guy. Not later … soon,” said Hammond.

Officials told Fadel the suspect was walking between train cars minutes before he walked up to the rider, who was sitting down, before stabbing him to death.

“What’s the use of having the cameras, and not releasing the video,” said one rider. “They are for our safety.”

Fadel asked officials why a video has not yet been released.

She was told that a good quality image does not exist but they continue to search through tons of video.

Metro said this is the second murder in its 20-year history.


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