LOS ANGELES (AP) — A repairman has pleaded no contest to stealing and pawning an $8,000 Rolex Submariner from the house of actor Nicolas Cage’s ex-girlfriend.

Los Angeles County prosecutors said Wednesday that 39-year-old Ricardo Orozco is expected to get 32 months in prison under a plea deal.

He was accused of stealing the watch while working at the home of Christina Fulton in April.

Twenty-two-year-old Darwin Vela was previously arrested along with Orozco in a separate burglary at Fulton’s home.

Vela disappeared at a time he was to testify against Orozco at a preliminary hearing in November, setting off a major search after his dog returned from a walk alone with a bloody leash.

Police later called the disappearance a hoax.

No charges were filed against Vela for the burglary or the hoax.

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