SAN BERNARDINO ( — Volunteers counted 14 bald eagles across Southern California Saturday, according to the US Forest Service.

The count Saturday represented the second of the winter season.

Ten adults and four juvenile birds were observed at the lake areas during the one-hour count.

The count included: five eagles (three adults, two juveniles) were observed at Big Bear Lake; three eagles (two adults and one juvenile) at Lake Arrowhead; two adult eagles at Silverwood Lake; two adult eagles at Lake Hemet; one juvenile at Lake Gregory, and one adult eagle at Lake Perris. Juvenile eagles are distinguished by a brown head and tail; adults are recognized by the famous white head and tail — it takes four-five years to acquire full adult coloration. Juvenile eagles are the same size as the adults.

Approximately 182 observers participated in the one-hour eagle census.

The count coordinators from the Forest Service and State Recreation Areas wanted to publicly thank the volunteers for getting up early and participating in the eagle census.

“It was a beautiful day for counting eagles,” said  Forest Service biologist Anne Poopatanapong.

Future bald eagle counts are scheduled for Saturday mornings: February 8 and March 8.

No experience is needed. Signing up ahead of time is unnecessary – just show up at the designated time and location, dress warmly, bring binoculars and a watch.

For more information about bald eagle counting, go to the San Bernardino National Forest website or the website for California State Recreation Areas.

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