LAKE VIEW TERRACE ( — Authorities said a grand theft auto suspect tried to evade capture by hiding in a Lake View Terrace couple’s bedroom.

KCAL9’s Melanie Woodrow spoke to the homeowner who related how police eventually got their suspect.

LAPD officers were in hot pursuit of their car theft suspect.

Woodrow says the suspect was not prepared to meet Rocky Barnes.

Barnes wasn’t exactly prepared either. When the guy entered his home, Barnes was in the bathroom.

“This guy runs across the window,” says Barnes, who realized quickly, he was not alone in his own house.

“I chase him through here and he’s bobbing and weaving,” says Barnes.

The homeowner says the suspect first tried to hide in the closet.

Barnes wasn’t having it.

“[I’m yelling] Get, get! I’m just getting ready to knuckle the guy right?,” he says.

That’s when Barnes said he literally chased the suspect out of his house.

His wife’s dog, Dot, also got in on the action. She also got out.

“She ran out and I can’t find her,” says an upset Margaret Barnes.

Several officers hopped a fence, the chase was over and Barnes was told to stand back.

The suspect was handcuffed almost immediately.

“By this time he’s on the grass and they’re down on him like white on rice,” says Barnes.

It took several officers and one fierce homeowner to nab this suspect.

“I’m always glad that they apprehend people like that because you know, who’s next?” Barnes said.

The story has an even happier ending as Dot, the dog, is now safely back home.


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