CHATSWORTH ( — A Chatsworth family and owners of a local graphics company started their annual fudge-making process for grateful clients on Wednesday.

John Beard Sr., who founded the G2 Graphic Service, started the holiday tradition when the company began in 1969.

“The very first Christmas we had only a couple of customers and very little money, so we made fudge,” Beard Sr. said.

The tradition was a hit and the family continued it for the past 44 years, spanning across three generations.

The G2 family and their employees are expected to make 800 boxes of fudge over three to four days in custom printed boxes — using 750 pounds of sugar, 360 pounds of semi-sweet chocolate, 180 pounds of milk chocolate chips and 180 pounds of butter.

“This is made by the family and the employees at home. It really is homemade,” Beard Sr. said. “It’s a way of personally thanking people for their patronage. It’s also fun. At this point it’s a family tradition.”

For more information about the company and the G2 fudge recipe, click here.


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