ANAHEIM ( — A busboy who found an envelope with $5,000 in a restaurant bathroom and returned it to its rightful owner last month was recognized by the Anaheim City Council Tuesday.

Felipe Perez stumbled upon a white envelope with the $5,000 inside on the floor of a bathroom stall he was cleaning during his shift at Keno’s Restaurant on La Palma Avenue.

The father of four never thought twice about what he had to do.

“It truly speaks to this gentleman’s character and I am truly, truly proud to be able to recognize him along with the mayor and city council members tonight,” Deputy Chief Raul Quezada of the Anaheim Police Department said.

Warren Bloom, 90, had an early dinner at Keno’s on Nov. 13 and dropped a white envelope of money in the restroom. Bloom had withdrawn the money after a scam artist tried to get him to send cash to South America.

Bloom never followed through, and instead had the bills tucked in his shirt.

Near tears, Perez told CBS2′s Michele Gile last month that his only option was to return the money.

“It was not my money. I’m not gonna keep it,” he said.

Perez became an instant celebrity at Keno’s as news spread about his good deed, with strangers dropping off gifts for Perez at the restaurant.

“He’s got some fan mail as well, people sending thank you notes, and maybe some other little things to congratulate him,” said Steve Cooper, Keno’s owner. “So it’s really been a whirlwind.”

Warren Bloom and Felipe Perez met for the first time November 15.

“You know I saw my money flying away,” Bloom told Perez. “But there are good people in this world, and you’re one of them.”

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