LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE ( — Nino Dompe crosses the court at Flint Canyon Tennis Club and shakes hands with his contender.

“You look very good up there, Nino,” the player says.

“Grazie, grazie,” says Dompe, who’s such a spry tennis player, you’d never know he was celebrating his 100th birthday.

The agile centenarian plays tennis every Tuesday and Thursday with a group of men, most of whom are in their 80s and 90s, nicknamed “The Golden Boys.”

“I just love sports. I used to play soccer in Italy, and here I play tennis,” Dompe says.

“I’m just amazed at his accuracy in returning the ball,” says Dompe’s wife, Carol.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“He’s a huge inspiration for everybody. Now that’s he’s 100, the tennis club gave him honorary membership, so no membership fees or anything,” says Carla Tamborini, assistant director of the tennis club. “So the whole group who’s with him now has an extra incentive to keep going and keep playing and stay active.”

Tennis is what helps Dompe stay limber but he says his love life is what keeps him feeling young.

Dompe married Carol when he was 99.

“I thought he was in his 50s and I did think I was being a cougar,” she says.

“This fellow that plays with us introduced her to me and she turned out to be the most wonderful girl in the world,” Dompe says.


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