CARSON ( — Truck drivers are three companies at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach walked off the job Monday as part of a 36-hour strike protesting unfair labor practices and wages.

Drivers at all three companies alleged harassment, intimidation and other violation of Federal labor laws as the reason behind the strike.

Striking port truck drivers at two of the companies – Green Fleet Systems and AmericanLogistics International say they have endured unlawful retaliations against them in their efforts to organize a Union with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Green Fleet maintains that a majority of their employees are against unionization as the company offers competitive wages and benefits. They claimed union organizers are using intimidation tactics in the strike.

“They desperate acts of a group trying to force their agenda on an industry that time and time again has simply rejected them,” Green Fleet spokesman Alex Cherin said.

Drivers at Pacific 9 Transportation claim they are classified as “independent contractors” and are demanding recognition as full-time employees.

“We work long lines, low pay. We are classified as independent. We have no rights. We basically have to do whatever we’re told to do,” driver Carol Cauley said.

Pac 9 drivers have also alleged wage theft on behalf of their employer.

Picketers are also expected at company warehouses, rail yards and distribution centers.

Drivers have planned at 4 p.m. news conference to discuss “shocking working conditions” that present a danger to workers.

Green Fleet Systems drivers last protested in August over unfair labor practices.

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