CULVER CITY ( — A year ago, local bodybuilder Mo Carmody was told he wouldn’t live eight months.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and his prognosis was not good.

The now 56-year-old had one goal — to rock the crowd at a men’s physique competition being held Saturday at Veteran’s Memorial Complex in Culver City.

And exultant Carmody didn’t just rock the crowd, he also won an award.

He told KCAL9’s Melanie Woodrow that even if he didn’t come in first, he was a winner.

“I feel good, there were five in my class and I took fifth … better than taking nothing,” he said.

Next time, the La Verne resident plans to take first.

“They haven’t buried me yet. I’m still going to fight and keep going,” he said.

Carmody told his physicians he wasn’t going down without a big fight.

“I told the doctors, ‘Before you put me in a hospice, full-time, give me a body bag. And I’ll carry it in my gym bag and my surf bag,'” said Carmody.

He told Woodrow, on Saturday evening at least, he was able to look past his diagnosis, the tumors, his formerly grim prognosis.

“Tomorrow, it will be one year exactly when they said I wouldn’t live 8-12 months,” Carmody says.

For the past 16 weeks, he’s trained twice a day to get ready for tonight’s competition. He credits friends with helping him flourish — despite the odds.

“He is probably the most respected, honorable, admirable, encouraging and inspiring man I have ever known in my life,” said friend Sandie Dubois

Carmody told Woodrow he planned on celebrating Saturday night — a little chocolate cake in his immediate future — and then it’s back to the gym tomorrow.

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