Off the beaten path only begins to describe Trois Mec – the brain child of Chef Supermen Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo. If you’ve figured out how to make a reservation, you’re already ahead of the game. In essence, you buy tickets to this event, and event is what it is…a foodie adventure if you can locate the front door.

Under the awning of Raffalo’s Pizza hides the entry to 5 courses (and many fun additions) of uniquely paired and prepared plates. I was scolded when I looked at my menu as part of their enjoyment is describing the dish then watching you discern what has just been placed in front of you.

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SPOILER ALERT!!! My tasting (and always subject to seasonal change) included:

Array of snacks to start – buckwheat popcorn with a vinegar punch, steamed then grilled brioche bun, and a tandoori madeleine (now that is just fun).
1st course – Sushi rice with avocado and salt cod cream (read: HEAVEN)
2nd course – Beef carpaccio with yogurt, fermented black walnut and caramelized eggplant (wowsers – flavors of smoke and tang and creamy texture)
3rd course – Potato pulp, brown butter, bonito flakes, onion soubise (decadent and filling…pace yourself!)
4th course – Wood grilled lamb belly, sea beans, clam and garlic oil (another decadent plate, lamb belly cooked perfectly)
5th course – Poached apples with caramel granite and miso sorbet (the sorbet is a delightful surprise in your mouth!)
Mignardises (a parting gesture from the kitchen) – white chocolate kimchi crackers topped with a strawberry (odd in thought, delightful in taste)

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If you have a healthy appetite, 2 different add-ons are available for purchase. Most sitting around me ordered the truffle grilled cheese with buttermilk and maple campfire ice cream ($9). It looked and smelled wonderful; gauging from other reviews, it is the way to go.

We opted for the wine pairing for an additional $49/person. The young Sommelier was on point with all selections (all French) and gave the perfectly brief, yet thorough overview of the wine. Both the wine and food was paced perfectly.

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This restaurant doesn’t disappoint so the hassle of buying tickets (available beginning at 8am every other Friday) and finding the front door just becomes part of the fun of eating well, and eating well you will.