REDLANDS ( — A woman who allegedly lit her cat’s tail on fire — and then posted a pic of it on Facebook — has been arrested.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait received a tip about the incident by an Animal Control officer.

After being posted, the photo quickly got three “likes.” One of the woman’s friend’s wrote “You are awesome.”

Another chastised her. “Please explain to me how this is supposed to be amusing in any way,” Katie Lenart wrote.

Monica Ferreri, the cat’s alleged owner, wrote in response, “The cat isn’t set on fire, it is a bit of her fur. Chill.”

Lenart shot back, sarcastically,  “Oh, so you’re only setting part of the cat on fire. That’s totally fine. So if someone were to set your hair on fire and laugh about it, it would only be your hair, so it would be chill. It’s unfortunate people like you can obtain animals. Glad you got a good laugh in.”

Tom Wait, reporting on a story only seen on CBS2, says Ferreri was arrested by Animal Control officers.

He spoke to the woman’s neighbors who were shocked by the alleged act of cruelty.

“They posted it on Facebook, like they think that is cool?,” said a neighbor who only wanted to be identified as Beth.

The cat, who is 15, is now being cared for by Animal Control officers in Redlands.

Wait stopped by a home where Ferreri is believed to reside. He said a man opened the door to the home but refused to talk to him.

The cat is expected to make a full recovery.


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