STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Tailgate before the big game!

Brandon Boudet, co-owner and chef of Dominick’s and Little Dom’s, stopped by KCAL9 Thursday to share Louisiana-style tailgating recipes for game day celebrations as well as some of his tailgating tips!


  • Prep. Have all the food and drinks prepared and organized. This allows you to be ready to go and enjoy the tailgate.
  • Keep it simple yet flavorful. Easy to serve, one-pot dishes like Jambalaya are the perfect tailgate food. Less dishes means less clean up.
  • Great food and drinks. Football-friendly food like arancini (rice balls), meatballs, and muffulettas keep the tailgate casual and delicious food.
  • And of course having friends and family together creates the perfect tailgate!