SYLMAR ( — More than 90 Los Angeles police officers gathered Thursday in Sylmar for an event aimed at bridging the gap between law enforcement and the autism community.

Mission Possible, which took place at Los Angeles Mission College, was designed to help officers learn more about people with autism, and vice versa.

“They come away with such a love and feeling for how beautiful these kids are,” said Judy Mark with the Autism Society of Los Angeles.

Sgt. James Ream, who works with the Los Angeles Unified School District Police, and Jeremy Bernstein, an outspoken 14-year-old with autism, were paired together.

Asked what he’ll remember about the day, Jeremy said, “My friend. His name is James, who you’ll be interviewing very shortly.”

Jeremy was also more than truthful. Asked if he learned anything, he said, “Pretty much almost nothing.”

When pressed, however, he revealed that he actually learned a lot.

“I’ve known Jeremy now about three hours and 20 minutes, and I can tell you that I love that kid. It’s amazing the impact he had on me,” said Ream.


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