MONTEREY PARK ( — Warner Bros. is reportedly beginning filming the new  untitled “Man of Steel” sequel (featuring Ben Affleck as Batman and Henry Cavill as Superman) movie this weekend.

The studio is filming a crowd scene — specifically a crowd scene during half-time of a college football game on Saturday, Oct. 19 between East Los Angeles College and Victor Valley College.

Extras are asked to wear black and gold — representing the colors of Gotham City. (The game on screen pits rivals Gotham City University against Metropolis University.)

The first 2,000 fans in attendance will receive a free t-shirt designed by director Zack Snyder. The studio said other prizes would also be raffled off throughout the night.

The game begins at 6:30 p.m. at Weingart Stadium on the ELAC campus in Monterey Park.

The film crew is expected to shoot three different plays (three takes each) for actor and crowd reaction.

Producers estimate the total filming time will take about 20 minutes.

The studio reportedly chose ELAC because the college is “film friendly.”

There is no word as to whether Affleck or Cavill will be in attendance but several sources say it is unlikely. Principal actors for the movie are not supposed to report to the set until early in 2014.

Tickets for the game are $5 and are only available on game day.