CITY OF INDUSTRY ( — It hasn’t officially opened yet, but already a new toilet-themed restaurant in the City of Industry is in no danger of stalling.

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Toilet cafes are flush with success throughout Taiwan says the new restaurant’s manager.

The seats are toilet.

The food is served in miniature toilets and plates shaped like urinals.

The menu items all suggest potty-themed choices.

KCAL9’s Andrea Fujii talked to the eatery’s manager, and eager patrons, about this intriguing idea.

“They come here, they say ‘Wow, a toilet. You can sit on a toilet,'” says Gin Han, the manager.

The Magic Restroom Cafe doesn’t officially open until Friday.

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Fujii already found anxious customers.

“I thought it was a little odd,” says Marcy Workum, visiting from Florida, “I think it’s kind of a cool gimmick to get people to come in.”

Fujii asked LA resident Diana Shih if the idea of the toilet restaurant grossed her out.

“Actually, not really. I just thought it was a cool idea,” said Shih.

Customers will be encouraged, according to the manager, of making the experience their own.

“Some customers will open the toilet, and sit like this and sometimes they ask where’s the restroom and I will say you can go here,” said Han.

A soft launch was held over the weekend to work out some of the kinks.

Fujii said they are currently changing up the menu — some of the Pan-Asian dishes translated from Chinese were a bit too potty-mouthed for American tastes.

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Han explained, some of the items sounded perhaps “maybe a little disgusting for American people.”