HUNTINGTON BEACH ( — With the federal government shutdown still in place, some worry the political impasse could affect first-time home buyers in the Southland who qualify for federal mortgage loans.

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Cindy Martinez and her husband, Eduardo, are hoping a paperwork delay does not interfere with their planned purchase of a Stanton condominium with the help of an Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loan.

“I am worried,” said Martinez. “We’re just hoping that it goes through.”

The 21-year-old Taco Bell manager and her husband passed on an elaborate wedding, opting to put their savings towards the purchase of their home.

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Realtor David Haub is cautiously optimistic that the government shutdown won’t affect the deal for the first-time home buyers, who have been saving for years.

In many cases lenders are required to verify buyers’ income with the IRS before a home loan closes. But banks may not be able to access this information if IRS employees are furloughed by the shutdown.

Under the terms of agreement with the bank, the current short sale offer on the Martinez’s prospective condominium will expire Friday if there is a paperwork delay.

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“I try to just worry about what’s positive not negative,” said Haub. “But in this case, I mean this is real stuff that could affect us. If we can’t fund loans and we have clients calling us stressed out it just adds a burden to us that we don’t need.”